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What is Clearscope
  Clearscope is a microscope service company that deals with all aspects of optical enhancing equipment. Specializing in maintenance and cleaning, Clearscope assists individuals in the medical, technical, educational and veterinary fields.
  We are located in central New Jersey and our services extend from New York to Virginia.
  With over 15 years of on hands experience, our dedicated technicians offer that caring touch to all of our customers.
  Clearscope's goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with our service. Most of our services are completed on-site and require minimal space to work.    
  We know microscopes are an important part of your daily lives. Doctors of all practice types rely on a consistant level of performance to answer crucial questions not answered by the naked eye. Microscopes help doctors with that much needed clear sight. This is the scope of what Clearscope does; we maintain that clear sight. We are here to clear up many of the annoying issues you may have with your microscopes. We know microscopes inside-out. Along with our detail oriented service we are also here to give you the best customer experience - you'll appreciate the satisfaction. Our courteous team will give you the best advice and assistance.    
  Contact us for a Free quotation on maintenance and/or repairs.    


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